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Watch Real Chance of Love Season 2 Episode 8 Online

Real Chance of Love Season 2 Episode 8
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    Real Chance of Love Season 2 Episode 8

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  • Synopsis: After elimination, Blonde Baller realize that she needs more romantic towards Chance so she went up to his room to chill. The next day, the next challenge is to present a case against another girl of an opposing team in Stallionaire Court, because Real and Chance are tired of the drama in the house. The Contemptresses (Baker, Hot Wings, Pocashontas) automatically targets Blonde Baller for being a liar and a snitch. The Pleading Hearts (Doll, Flirty, Mamacita) decided to go for Hot Wings for threatening to leave the house. The Impeaches (Blonde Baller, Classy, Sassy) went for Flirty because of her legal issues, which Blonde Baller is the only girl on the team that has knowledge. It was time for go to court and the Pleading Hearts were first to go up. Hot Wings told Real and Chance that she wanted to leave because she was frustrated that she didn't get a date with Chance. Mamacita suddenly said that Hot Wings is indeed there for Chance, causing the judges to find Hot Wings innocent and the Pleading Hearts to lose their case. The Impeaches presented that charges about Flirty not being the true definition of a Stallionette. Even though Flirty was honest about her legal issues, the evidence the Impeaches presented was overwhelming that she was found guilty. The Contemptresses opened their case with Pocahontas asking if BB's father knows where she is, with Blonde Baller saying that she didn't tell her father where she is, but she told him that she's on a TV show, exposing herself as a liar. Baker asked Classy to come to the stand as a witness, asking her what Blonde Baller said to her the other day about Chance. Classy relayed what Blonde Baller said to her, exposing her as a snitch. Ultimately, Blonde Baller was found guilty. The Impeaches won the challenge, winning dates. Chance also announced that there will be elimination that night. Back at the house, Blonde Baller overheard Flirty threatening to beat her up. Her solo date with Chance went well until Blonde Baller told him about Flirty, disappointing Chance. Meanwhile, Flirty was breaking down because Blonde Baller had blown her legal trouble out of proportion and Chance started to worry about that. During elimination, it was down to Flirty and Blonde Baller. Blonde Baller repeatedly said she was here for Chance, but Chance felt betrayed that he has been lied to the whole time, giving his chain to Flirty, eliminating Blonde Baller.

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