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The City Season 1 Episode 3
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    The City Season 1 Episode 3

  • Genre: Reality
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  • Synopsis: Erin's new boyfriend, Duncan, flies into town from Toronto. They playfully flirt on the couch at Erin's apartment when Whitney walks in. After a brief introduction, Whitney tells them that she will give the two alone time and gets out of their way. Erin and Whitney grab breakfast at The Smith in the East Village while Duncan is asleep. Whitney shares that she is grateful yet apologetic that Erin has let her stay in her apartment. Erin responds that she is happy to open up her home, even though it might be a little crowded with Duncan in town. Whitney also questions her relationship with Jay -- she wants to trust him, but is finding it difficult. Whitney and Olivia help out with the styling at a Diane von Furstenberg photo shoot. While on the job, Whitney gets a call from Jay about an apartment he wants her to see immediately. She tells Olivia she wants to check out the place, but doesn't want to leave the shoot. Olivia, a native New Yorker, offers to help Whitney apartment hunt later but Whitney decides to leave early and goes to meet up with Jay. Whitney and Jay check out the apartment in Gramercy Park, only 2 blocks away from Erin's place. They are both pleasantly surprised with the open floor plan and the breathtaking floor-to-ceiling windows. Although Whitney, at first, has some reservations about the high-rise building, Jay reassures her that with a new place they can finally have some alone time. Later, Whitney is elated to tell Olivia that she got the apartment she saw with Jay. Now feeling like she's on top of the world, Olivia shakes up her spirits with a little unwelcomed advice: you need to be more independent and your own person. Erin and Duncan spend the night out at Brass Monkey. Although a bit hesitant at first, Erin opens up her feelings to Duncan and he warmly reciprocates. She flirtatiously asks him how he can be so perfect, but Duncan responds that he definitely has his secrets. Whitney moves into her new apartment with Jay and Erin's help. Erin shares that she and Duncan used the L word to each other last night. Although Whitney is ecstatic to hear the news, Jay is perplexed on how two people can fall in love in only two weeks into a relationship. While on a stroll in Central Park, Whitney confides in Erin that she seems to be figuring out everything in this new city -- except for the guys. She tells Erin that she will talk to Jay tonight about their relationship. Meanwhile at Olivia's apartment, Olivia and her cousin Nevan dish about Whitney. Olivia is bothered that Whitney has moved into the first apartment she saw and also the apartment that Jay found. She is concerned that if anything were to happen between Whitney and Jay, she doesn't want Whitney to have emotional baggage attached to her home. Olivia wishes that Whitney be the more confident New Yorker and ditch the LA girl in her. Whitney meets up with Jay at Stanton Social in the Lower East Side for dinner. Again, Jay criticizes on Erin and Duncan's relationship about how they are moving too quickly. They both skirt around the issue about their own relationship until Jay outwardly states that he doesn't want to be all about a relationship at this time because he is finally comfortable with where he is. He doesn't want to date other people, but he also doesn't want to put a label on their relationship either. Whitney then boldly gets real and honest and tells him that she doesn't want to invest in someone that doesn't make her a big priority in his life. Even though he can't agree right now, Jay reassures Whitney by telling her that he wants to get to know her better. Whitney nods hesitantly and confused at his remarks, and they continue on with their dinner date.

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