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The City Season 1 Episode 4
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    The City Season 1 Episode 4

  • Genre: Reality
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  • Stars: , , , , , , ,
  • Synopsis: At the Diane von Furstenberg offices, Whitney and Olivia discuss the guest list for their upcoming Wonder Woman Event with DC Comics. Olivia explains that all the "socials" (i.e. socialites) will be invited. Then Diane (yes, THE Diane von Furstenberg) shows up and talks to Whitney about styling some outfits for the event and then asks her how things are going for her. Whitney and Erin have lunch at Caffe Falai in Soho. Whitney tells Erin that she thinks she may need to take a step back in her relationship with Jay. Back at the DVF offices, the staff has a meeting about preparations for the upcoming Wonder Woman Event. Alixe Boyer, the VP Global Image Director and Whitney's boss, tells the team to convert the whole store for the event. Whitney is assigned to handle the window displays and Olivia's assigned to help Whitney. Duncan, Erin's long distance boyfriend, is coming to the end of his stay in the city at Erin's apartment. They discuss their relationship and have conflicting views. Duncan talks about moving to NYC and says that he might just need "a couch" to sleep on until he finds his own place. While Erin enjoys being with him she also enjoys having her space when he's gone. At DVF's Wonder Woman Event, Olivia works the front door and greets guests - many of whom she seems to know rather well. Samantha arrives and goes inside to chat with Whitney. They're introduced to Chris, a cute co-worker of Whitney's who works in a different department. Just as Chris is about to leave, he asks Whitney out to lunch. Whitney seems surprised by his straightforwardness but she agrees. Whitney goes out to lunch at The Diner with Chris. Whitney tells him that she's still new to the city and only has a few friends, so, Chris offers to take her out so she can make more friends. Meanwhile, back at DVF, Olivia picks up a phone call from Jay - he's looking for Whitney. Olivia tells Jay that Whitney is out to lunch and that's all she knows. When they return from lunch, Chris gives Whitney a hug goodbye and heads to his office. Olivia and another co-worker, Elizabeth, start grilling Whitney about her lunch date. Whitney says that although he's nice, she didn't feel any chemistry. The girls ask Whitney whether she's going to tell Jay. Olivia says that she doesn't need to tell him anything but Whitney decides to anyways because it was just a lunch. As Duncan hails a cab to the airport he asks Erin about their relationship hoping to change her mind. Erin still thinks being in a long distance relationship works better and doesn't want him to move to New York just for her because it might put too much pressure on their relationship. Later, Whitney meets up with Jay for dinner at Los Dados in the Meatpacking District. After a brief catch-up, Whitney talks about her friendly lunch date with Chris. Jay doesn't respond favorably and wonders if this is a ploy to make him jealous. He nonchalantly tells her that she can do whatever she wants. Does he really mean it? At Whitney's apartment, Erin and Whitney discuss both of their relationships. Erin thinks she may have a problem because she has only had long distance relationships. Whitney says that Jay gives her too many mixed signals but she definitely has a spark with him that she doesn't have with anyone else. Meanwhile at Il Bastardo, Jay confides in Alex about his relationship with Whitney. After three months of seeing each other, Jay needs to figure out if this relationship is either going to go somewhere or nowhere. After talking it out with Alex, Jay realizes that he doesn't want to lose Whitney -- she's a keeper! Later, Jay picks up Whitney at her apartment for their date. While Whitney is still getting ready, Jay asks if they can talk. She says of course he can talk to her about anything. As Jay pulls her in close, he adoringly declares that he wants to take the relationship to "the next level" and wants Whitney to be his girlfriend. Whitney giggles and nods in agreement and they then seal the deal with their first kiss as an official couple.

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