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Watch The City Season 1 Episode 6 Online

The City Season 1 Episode 6
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    The City Season 1 Episode 6

  • Genre: Reality
  • Director:
  • Stars: , , , , , , ,
  • Synopsis: Allie visits Whitney at her apartment and asks for advice on how she should deal with the alleged kiss between her boyfriend Adam and Catarina, a girl he met drinking out with the boys. Allie thinks that maybe she should confront Catarina.Whitney reminds her that, if she trusts him, then there's no point in causing trouble. But iIf she has doubts, the person to confront is Catarina. At the DVF offices, Whitney invites Olivia to an art gallery opening Jay and Adam are throwing at Collective Hardware. She warns Olivia that there has been a lot of drama within her circle of friends because of the rumored kiss between Adam and Catarina. Olivia, however, doesn't want to get involved and doesn't want to hear any more of the "high school drama." While having lunch at Bergdorf Goodman, Catarina tells Samantha that she's nervous about going to the gallery opening because Allie will be there. No one told Samantha that Adam had a girlfriend until after the fact. She doesn't know what to say to Allie but Samantha says that she needs to tell Allie the truth -- "girl-to-girl." At Union Square Wines, Jay and Adam buy beverages for their friend's art show. Adam says that he's smoothed everything over with Allie. Then, Jay directly asks Adam if anything happened with Catarina, to which Adam deflects the answer by shrugging his shoulders. Back at Whitney's apartment, Whitney and Erin are excited but apprehensive about the art gallery show that night.. With the tension mounting between Adam, Allie and Catarina, there's sure to be drama. Erin says that girls have to look out for each other...especially with guys like Adam. Finally, the moment arrives. The gang starts trickling into the Lower East Side art gallery. When Samantha and Catarina arrive the tension comes with them. Allie comments on how awkward the situation is to Whitney just before she turns to Catarina and starts a conversation. Catarina tells Allie that she and Adam kissed but that he never mentioned having a girlfriend. Tears stream down Allie's cheeks and she asks Catarina to swear that she's telling the truth. Catarina reassures her and apologizes, saying that she would never wish this on anyone but she wanted Allie to know the truth. Still in tears, Allie runs to the bathroom with Whitney close behind. Soon after, Adam knocks on the door, they let him in and Whitney leaves them alone. Adam doesn't understand why she's crying. Allie tells him that she spoke to Catarina and she is starting to believe that they kissed. Allie makes a quick exit from the party and Adam follows her to the street, where their discussion escalates. Allie asks Adam how he'd feel if the tables were turned, and Adam admits that it would be horrible. He tries to console her, but Allie pulls away, hails a cab and goes home. Adam heads back to the gallery alone. The next day, Olivia and Nevan gossip about the night before. Nevan is quick to remark that he doesn't understand the downtown "I wear a fedora" crowd. Olivia agrees and dismisses the drama between Adam and Allie as childish. Nevan then insinuates that he's sure Adam has no shortage of girls so there's sure to be more drama in the future. Meanwhile, Jay is over at Whitney's apartment and they discuss the rumored kiss. They have differing opinions: Whitney believes Catarina while Jay is loyal to his buddy and roommate Adam. Whitney tells him she hopes that he wouldn't pull anything like that with her. But Jay tells her that she's taking it a bit too far. Later, Allie meets up with Adam at Merc Bar in Soho. Adam apologizes for putting her in that situation. He feels helpless but swears that Catarina is lying. He tells her that no matter what anyone else says, he would never lie to her. After a long uncomfortable silence, Allie accepts his apology by saying that she can't believe this girl over him.

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